Group Centering Prenatals

Prenatals are offered virtually every Tuesday at 7pm for clients of Nurture only.

Expect to learn something new and stay for a Q&A after we present our weekly theme.

Please register for as many as you want, there is no limit on attendance.

The following prenatals represent the month of OCTOBER.  BOOK NOW

Pink Lotus Flower

Week 1

with Cheryl Bartone

Affirmations and how to use them during pregnancy and in labor.

Week 2

With Anna Orr

Lining the baby up!  Exercises to encourage pelvic alignment and positive positioning.

Pilates Instructor
Lavender Fields

Week 3

With Cheryl Bartone

Aromatherapy as a comfort measure for pregnancy and labor.

Week 4

With Erica Manto Paulson

Calling instructions for labor and preparing for birth (ie. packing your hospital bag or what to have at your home birth.)