Taking Time to Soak it In

Wednesdays Nurture is closed. It is a wake up early and make a big breakfast before working from home, kind of day.

It is reading the newspaper and walking the dog in the mugginess of a July morning where the damp air feels like a dense fog in your lungs and you breathe it in, feeling thankful.

Wednesdays is sending emails and checking in on moms who had babies and connecting with our team.

It is brainstorming and dreaming and talking about our business like she is a being in and of herself, asking ourselves the questions: “Who does Nurture want to be? Who is she becoming? How can we listen to her and grow her and yet not get in the way?”

Now that I think about it, it’s a lot like having a baby…

…that feeling of being called to do something big, and inspired, grateful and joyful! And also slightly terrified somedays because starting a business that is part spreadsheets and part living magical-creature is a lot like trying to drink through a firehouse sometimes— even the abundance can feel like a lot.

…but after 19 years of parenting there is one thing I have learned and gotten really good at…and I think that applies to growing a business too…and that is to reserve some time to just be, to soak it all in for a little while. Forget the dishes in the sink and that growing to-do list on the desk and be intentional about right here, this moment.

These eggs and this sunrise and the @coffee_emporium Italian roasted coffee steaming in our cups- and just be.

All of the things that need to get done will eventually get done, but right here— this won’t last forever.

So we are making sure that we take time to soak it all in— the smiling moms and babies in our classrooms, the sunset during yoga, doulas waking in the night to get that call that labor has begun, the teary eyes of parents and grandparents when they see the amazing ultrasound images of their baby’s hands and nose and lips before they are born….

…and the Wednesday morning breakfasts. It is going to be a beautiful day.

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