Preparing for multiples

Updated: Apr 29

The shock, excitement, and nerves associated with expecting twins is normal, but your experience doesn't have to be negative, stressful or painful!

I have worked with MANY couples expecting twins over the years so I understand the emotional roller coaster: elated, excited, terrified, grateful, hopeful, doubtful at times...all of the above.

If you are trying to be happy about your pregnancy but you find it hard to remain positive at times, I am offering tips for expecting twins that have helped many parents feel less anxious and stressed.
  1. Give your emotions some time to settle

The initial wave of emotions are overwhelming. That is normal. You may even feel guilty for not being overjoyed at having two babies, especially when you know so many people struggle to conceive just one. However, give yourself some love. Your initial shock will start to dissipate as you start to learn more about what to expect and how to support your unique pregnancy needs and wants. Remember: education is power! And knowing your choices is your right and your responsibility as a parent, so don't be afraid to dive in and learn more. You will start feeling better in no time.

2. Learn as much as you can.

Like I said above, and we have all heard it before: education is power. Research the different types of twins (identical vs fraternal, or MoMo vs MoDi vs DiDi). Ask your doctor how much weight you need to gain, or whether it’s okay to exercise or not. Visit websites like to learn about positive postural positions and other websites like to get the facts about expecting multiples.

3. Food is medicine!

Diet and nutrition is crucial in supporting the system (aka your body) that grows your baby, like absolutely critical and important when it comes to avoiding common pitfalls and ailments associated with carrying multiples. Make sure you know what to eat and how much, and if you are not sure schedule an appointment with a nutritional expert. Don't know what nutritionist to see for pregnancy? Schedule a maternity concierge consultation-- that's what we're here for!

4. Get your maternity leave organized

Most singleton moms can work up to their due date, but twin moms are a whole other story.

While some can work up to 38 weeks, most stop working much earlier due to increased need for antepartum rest, discomfort, or just having your babies alive early. You should be prepared for just about anything. Talk to your boss or HR department now about your rights and benefits. You’ll likely need to read a ton of paperwork. I recommend a specific "twins" folder to keep all these materials.

5. Know (as much as possible) what to expect in labor and delivery.

I always say that eliminating as many "unknowns" as possible before delivery helps parents to feel prepared and less anxious about birth. Birth is not "one size fits all" because every birth story is unique. You should ask your doctor or midwife what to do when you're in labor (and yes, all twins do not have to be induced or delivered by cesarean!) You’ll want to know how long to labor at home and what to expect once you arrive at the hospital. This is where working with a doula can significantly reduce stress associated with labor and delivery because doulas are trained and experienced in the hospital procedures pre and post-delivery. Also be sure to ask about bonding and feeding your babies as soon as possible and talk about whether they will be in the nursery or in your room.

Finally, I recommend that you invest as much time and effort as you can during pregnancy in preparing for your life with twins.

  • Find out what paperwork needs to be filled out after the twins are born.Think about things like birth certificates, social security numbers, and adding the twins to your health insurance.

  • Have your hospital bag packed a good two months before you’re expected to deliver.

  • Hire a doula to help you plan, prepare, and to be with you during labor and delivery. Whether you have a natural birth, induction, or cesarean birth, this time and your experience will stay with you and you will remember it forever. Investing in your own peace and sanity IS being a good mom. A doula can be like a personal assistant in all-things-birth and will be instrumental in helping you know your options during labor as well as providing physical comfort and emotional support.

  • Invest in massage and bodywork therapies from a licensed intuitive bodywork specialist regularly throughout your pregnancy to support optimal positioning for baby and positive postural alignment for your body.

  • Enjoy these moments for all of the magic (and they mayhem) that they bring, taking each one as an experience that will deepen you, stretch you, and prepare you to become the very best you that you can be!

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