Our Experts: Meet Renee Groenemann, Licensed Counselor, Somatic Trauma Resolution Specialist

Updated: Apr 2

Renee Groenemann is a licensed professional Clinical Counselorin the States of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, yoga-therapist, EMDR specialist, and life coach. Renee owns and operates of Spirit(ed) Growth, LLC. She brings the Emotional Recovery for Challenging Births Therapy Group to Nurture in a safe and supportive group setting.

A stressed out engineer in a Fortune 50 company, Renee discovered the power of the mindbody connection, the power of food as medicine, and the need for more good in the world and trained to become a yoga teacher (1999), clinical counselor(2002), and yoga therapist (www.pryt.com, 2002).

A young mother seeking natural labor and recovery from birth and infant-related traumas, Renee discovered the infinite power of the mind and its natural healing mechanisms as well as a deeply rooted mindbody orientation toward the trauma and grief process. As a result, she ended up training in clinical hypnotherapy (2006), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR, 2011), and the body’s natural trauma recovery mechanisms (ongoing).

A passionate professional + special needs mom, and a licensed counselor, Renee specializes in trauma and grief recovery using research-based mind-body therapeutic techniques like EMDR, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness. Because of her orientation and understanding of how trauma expresses in the body, Renee is especially adept in facilitating processing and integration of birth traumas, losses, abuses, PTSD, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, and other life challenges.

As a yoga teacher and workshop facilitator, Renee specializes in making meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama) accessible to children and adults and can tailor practices for use with ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and chronic pain.

Getting to know Renee.

Renee teaches the prenatal workshops making the mind/body connection understandable to EVERYONE and applicable to daily life. All Renee’s workshops are presented with the same wit and simple, down-to-earth language that Renee brings to all of life. By simply removing the “small t” traumas from the human psyche and shifting out of fight or flight, we are able to get out of our own way and achieve our dreams.

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