Our Doulas: Meet Cheryl Bartone, MS, HCHI, CLD

Updated: Apr 2

Cheryl Bartone, MS, HCHI, CLD brings a unique element to the birthing world with her passion for health-sciences and her love of natural solutions.

Cheryl graduated from University of Cincinnati College of Medicine with a Master’s degree in Epidemiology and has worked for The Christ Hospital in a research setting. The birth of Cheryl’s two children had such a positive impact on her that she decided to train to become a labor doula. She took a CAPPA labor doula training with Erica Manto Paulson and has been working with families since 2017.

When you meet Cheryl, one of the first things you will notice is her warm smile and her gentle, nurturing presence, which are one of the many benefits in working with Cheryl as your doula. Being a doula takes heart as much as education, training, and intuition and if anyone has a LOT of heart, it's Cheryl!

Cheryl wants nothing more than to support women so they can have the births of their dreams. Since hypnosis was the tool that she used to have her own joyful births she completed her training with Hypnobabies to become a certified Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor.

When she’s not working on statistics or supporting a mother in birth, you can find Cheryl alongside her chef husband helping him with a catering event. You may even find her playing video games with her children, walking her dogs, or digging in the garden.

Getting to know Cheryl.

As a doula client, you will meet Cheryl at one of your prenatal appointments. Cheryl is one of our primary doulas at Nurture, so you may also have her presence at your birth as well! Cheryl also teaches classes our Birth-Day Rehearsal class which provides an additional opportunity for clients and customers alike to learn from her expertise.

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