Googly Eyes & All

A googly eye was stuck somewhere on my skin when I stepped into the shower today. As I watched it swirling towards the drain, I quickly grabbed it up and stood there for a moment— half smiling and half with a lump in my throat.

As my children are older now, I think my time of discovering googly eyes (and glitter sparkles and cheerios and all the random things that attach themselves to a mother’s body while she takes care of her children throughout the day) are coming to a close.

I stared at the googly eye (and it stared back at me, haha) thankful for this reminder that the most beautiful parts of motherhood are not the perfect family photo shoots or beach vacations. The things that really pull at your heart strings are things like this— remnants of real life, your children at play, the messy parts, the unruly things, how you love those little people so incredibly much that you wear the same shirt two days in a row and throw your hair into messy buns so that you can sit down at the kitchen table, ignoring the work emails to return and that long to-do list just for a brief time, to see big smiles while they glue googly eyes to construction paper.

If you are mothering in the trenches today, I see you and all the ways you put your whole heart into this crazy wild ride of parenting little humans.

I hope you take time for yourself. I hope you love yourself. I hope you allow mess and the grit and the dirt under your nails that illuminates a deep beauty inside you.

I hope you know how lucky the world is to have your presence, your children.

I hope you know you are so much more than enough and that what you give to your children by giving of yourself, googly eyes and all, means the world to them and is exactly what makes the world a better place. xxoo

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