Gestating You

This potted plant on my windowsill reminds me of how women dream. We gestate our mission statements. Our vision grows inside of us well before it takes shape and is born.

Are new things growing within you? Can you feel it? Do you know it's there, picking up on the subtle changes even before anyone else can see; before it begins to protrude from you and show? When that happens, don't try to hide it anymore.

“Don't be afraid of the pain.”

Trust the process. Trust your ability, your intuition; trust what you are made of. Nourish yourself. Read, write, listen, taste, sleep, dream, stay attentive.

Avoid the people who see only themselves in you and the things that will interfere with the viability of what grows inside without inhibition and intervention.

Don't be afraid of the pain: it will not be too much for you.

Don't fear your opening: believe that you will stretch as far as is needed to birth what has already started in you.

As women we give birth several times in our lifetime. Only a few of them may be to our children. The rest of the times, it is to ourselves. Believe.

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