Our Experts: Meet Jessica Grosheim, RN, IBCLC

Updated: Apr 2

Jessica Grosheim BSN, RN, IBCLC is our Breastfeeding and Bottlefeeding expert and educator. She has experience working in the NICU both as a nurse and lactation consultant. Jessica's passion for education fuels her love in working with women on their mothering journey.

Jessica Grosheim, RN, IBCLC and mom of three living children brings you through the first hour after birth in her Breastfeeding Basics class and all the way to established breastfeeding, including pumping (how to do it and when).

As an experienced nurse and board certified lactation consultant, Jessica is dedicated and passionate about her work.

From working with NICU patients to teaching medical professionals in the hospital, she provides relatable, down-to-earth information and support for how to make breastfeeding successful and enjoyable. Topics in Jessica's class include:

  • Latching and positioning

  • How to know baby is getting enough

  • Feeding cues

  • How supply/demand works in breastfeeding

  • Common concerns and what to do

Need Lactation Support or Help?

Jessica offers 1:1 lactation consultations at Nurture in a private, safe and nurturing environment. To book an appointment with Jessica go to our BOOKINGS page (COMING SOON!)

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