Babies Miss the Womb

One of the reasons babies cry is because they miss the womb. Can you blame them? They have never felt cold until their wet little heads meet room air for the first time while they are at a crown before birth. They have never felt hunger until the umbilical cord no longer connects them to your body.

I wonder if the light is both magnificent and also painfully blinding when it first meets their eyes when they open them into the world for the first time. If you have been a client of mine, you may remember me using my hand to shield some of that delivery room light from their eyes so that they stop squinting-- it is magical to see them cautiously opening their eyes and start looking for you right away. ❤️

It's helpful to remember that babies cry because they are talking to you. They are fully expressing their thoughts and experience to the fullest capacity of their ability. They are saying, "Mamma, are you still there?"

And when you talk back to them, when you respond by holding them and cooing to them and pulling them close to your face- so close, enough to smell their milky breath- you are saying, "Yes, I am here. The world is a beautiful place- let's explore it together."

Remember that it's normal to feel unnerved by all that crying. The crying is designed to make you respond FAST, so if that sound sends a zing right to the most sensitive part of your brain then just tell yourself what a good mamma you are to be so affected to act on your baby's needs.

And it's ok to take a breath. It's ok to take a moment and pause. It's ok to step away and let someone else respond to those needs and demands for a time so that you can take care of you.

They will be ok. They are ok, because when that pause is over you do respond. You do reassure. You are present. And that is the lasting impression you make into those messages weaving patterns into their little brains and into their hearts that are so open and so ready to receive all that you are.

Carry on, mammas. I see you. And you are amazing.

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