Ayurveda for Pregnancy & Birth

Planning for birth is not just about having a baby, and yet society tends to forget about mom.

(And maybe even mom forgets about herself mom?)

Moms today seem more than willing to put a TON into investing in the nursery, baby's wardrobe, childbirth classes, photography, a doula or anything that will help her birth be safer, healthier, easier.

Do you agree?

16 years ago when I started my work as a doula and educator, these things were not as common, but now most people I meet are much more willing to embrace an empowering birth and mothering experience! Yay! We've made a lot of headway in those areas!

But what about postpartum? What does society provide in the way caring for YOU?

What about your body and what about your emotions and how you are feeling about becoming a mom, caring for a newborn?

And who is caring for YOU? (Do you find it difficult to know how to care for you?). And did you know that you cannot take care of everyone else if you are not first taking care of YOU?

I think we still have work to do in this area and that is why you will notice that the classes and services provided at Nurture are not just about having a baby.

Nurture is about nurturing the mother-- inside and out-- and that includes baby! But it also includes HER.

Want to learn more? Join this "birthing class for the soul" led by Ayurvedic coach Mindy Schlechter of @effloresce_coaching on Sept. 15th from 6-8pm!

Be a part of the change. Let it start with nurturing YOU. Join us!

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