An Unexpected Breech Baby and the Sureness of Birth

Yesterday started out like any other day. Well, no. It was a busy day. A bit of an exhausting day. And little did I know: that was truly only the beginning of my day.

While I had been out in the sun all afternoon with my family and treating the kiddos to a fun day at King’s Island, the universe was cooking up something magical for me, a client of ours at Nurture, a group of midwives, and let’s face it, the community.

Hot, exhausted, and slightly irritable, there was a calling from within to sit down for my daily meditation that I was too busy for that morning. The calling was strong and so very sweet and I gave into it. My typical meditation practice is a tried and true method for me: noise cancelling earbuds, brown noise, and a dark space. In this environment I can relatively quickly observe my disconnection and receive a general message/guidance from source in the form of a color. After 15-20 minutes of meditation I use that color as a reference as to which chakra has a message for me at that particular moment.

What can I say? The universe knows I love a good scavenger hunt. I peruse lists upon lists of chakra affirmations until I find the one that resonates with me. My color yesterday was a bright red raspberry (which corresponds to the root chakra) and the affirmation that resounded in my heart was “I deeply appreciate my ability to remain calm and peaceful in all situations.” With my prayer beads in hand I then recite my affirmation exactly 112 times. Each time I recite my affirmation it spirals into deeper and deeper understanding and feelings of love and appreciation for all that is.

I received a text as soon as I emerged from my affirmation practice; in perfect timing of course. I did not realize that yesterday’s affirmation would dovetail me right into one of the most amazing experiences of my life. A home birth with unexpected breech presentation was on the order for that day. Home births in and of themselves hold a special place in my heart. I get a true sense of community in that space which is much more disguised in the hospital setting. Home birth is like the Discovery Channel for me…it is raw and it is so real. It is the ultimate highlight of human experience. We were not expecting anything in particular about this birth. There was no reason to think it would deviate tremendously from the norm. But at just the right moment we were notified that we had all embarked on an exciting journey.

If I was to tune into the peanut gallery and take all of their opinions into consideration I would have felt the chaos, the fear, the negative. But I felt so calm and I felt like we all had this mom’s back. Nothing felt more natural than calm and peace. I was just watching and moving with my intuition. My job was to protect this mom’s connection to herself and to her baby. That’s what mattered most…all other aspects were covered with such certainty. Mom and baby were moving together in perfect symphony; the most perfect team. There was nothing upstream about this birth. The women in attendance were not paddling upstream. Yes, it was a breech home birth, but we were all in the raft with all the proper equipment traveling downstream with the rapids. Not at all saying that is was an easy coast down the river…it was some real work for this amazing team: a mom so tuned in that the movement of her hips worked in perfect harmony with the wiggle of her precious cargo. I remember at one point my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to peek at this rare moment. In true Cheryl Lynn fashion I put my head right between this baby coming forth and the midwives’ careful watch.

In a flash I was transported to times when I was a little girl sitting on my mom’s lap getting right between her and her sewing project. I just had to see the becoming. I had to see the cogs working. As I turned to look at the midwives (somewhat apologetically for getting in their way) they had the most amazing twinkles in their eyes and the sweetest of smiles, just like my mom did. An encouraging, knowing, cooperative component of this manifestation. What I saw was not just a breech birth. I saw a woman being born out of a woman. I saw all the women before this moment and I saw so many more women to come because of this moment. One flower opening up beautifully, presenting to the world another barely budding flower. It was a spiral of eternity that I was so lucky to have witnessed, and something that I will never forget.

Reeling on an emotional high after this magical birth I was helping with clean-up and my attention turned to this courageous baby’s little head. There were several splotches of blood in between her thick curls…bright red raspberry…like a little wink from source. What I had to offer (my calm and peaceful nature) was what a new mom wanted. This was my reminder from source that sometimes the greatest gift you could ever offer someone is your knowledge, your knowing, and your authentic self…no matter what.

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