Affirmations for Cesarean Awareness Month

Updated: Apr 29

Recovering from a cesarean? Planning a cesarean? Considering a VBAC? Here are some affirmations that I have shared with hundreds of parents over the years, just like you, who are weighing all of their options and considering the possibilities when it comes to cesarean birth.

Just because a cesarean is a surgery doesn't mean it isn't a birth. It is a birth and it is important that everyone around you is mindful of how your birth will be impacted by their presence and support.

Are you scared? Then you're normal.

Birth is scary no matter what, but often moms planning a cesarean or VBAC are faced with a unique set of fears that can be challenging but not impossible to overcome. Just remember, you've got options! Don't know your options? Consider working with one of our doulas who will guide you through the unique process of planning for your birth, one step at a time. We are not here to tell you how to give birth, instead we are here to support you in your birth, as you define it, period.

Our doulas a chock full of great evidence-based information and a keen awareness of hospital policy and procedure for all the local hospitals and birth centers. When planning for your cesarean or VBAC you don't have to do it alone.

This week I want you to focus on these affirmations. Write them on sticky notes and place them all over your mirror. Put them on the sun visor in your car and refrigerator door. Be amazed at the mind/body connection and how these simple phrases can help you have a better birth.

Believing in your body again is empowering.

Birth is always amazing.

I am safe. I feel calm. I am strong.

Many others have done this, so can I.

My body is big enough for my baby.

I am not alone. Hiring a doula is not a sign of my weakness.

This is my birth experience.

I believe in the power of birth. I believe in birth. I believe in me.

I soften. I open. I release.

FEAR = Face Everything And Rise.

I will do what is best for my baby and my body.

Just breathe.

My body. My baby. My birth.

My body has created a miracle. My body is a miracle too.

I embrace this moment. I will not procrastinate. I will be present. I will be open.

I can do this.

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