A Good Mom

In case you need to hear this today: You are a good mother. And what makes a "good mother"? "What's inside you?"

A baby is inside you, we know that. You are growing a human. And you grew an organ that supports that human's life while they are inside you that you will later just discard from your body like it was nbd. (Just, wow.)

What else is in you? What makes you a mother?

Is it that pregnant glow? Well, yes if you count the sweat that beads up on your upper lip just to walk up and down a flight of stairs 9 months pregnant. Glow is part goddess and part hard-ass. We figure that out soon enough as moms.

Is being "good" how amazing you look in your prenatal photo shoot? Yes, it is. Because you are gorgeous and that photoshoot was stunning, girl. Good for you for investing in your beauty in all of it's forms! It is also how amazing you ARE to carry species survival within your own body and to trail blaze right into a whole new unknown territory of yourself that will change the way. you view. everything.

"Glow is part goddess and part hard-ass."

Women give birth many times throughout a lifetime. A couple of those times it may be our offspring and those specific times will change us so profoundly that it will terrify us and humble us and cause us to look around at the other women in our lives who are doing it too because for possibly one of the first times we know we CANNOT do it alone. We just can't. Even if try, we quickly learn that we shouldn't be doing it alone and women are brilliantly amazing, so we will seek out the support and help that we need because we are wise and because, self care.

The rest of those times we give birth, we give birth to new dimensions within ourselves. We evolve. We become. And sometimes it happens right at the exact same time that we literally gave birth to a new human person. Which is terrifying. And also, empowering! Inspiring! Amazing. Humbling. Blessing.

That's what makes a mom "good." Because she creates and she becomes and she evolves and




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